AI Workshop with DBS Bank

This week, I conducted a full-day AI Workshop for DBS Bank. Thank you to Perry Tan and Khoon Huat Sim for giving me this great opportunity to share my AI knowledge and skills with the professionals from the Learning & Development Team, Design & Development Team and the Business HR Team!

We discussed the fundamentals of Generative AI and its future. We went through various exercises to get better results from ChatGPT. We explored the amazing, yet largely untapped possibilities of Generative AI Art, AI Audio, and AI Video that are now accessible to everyone.

Along the way, I also learned more about how each participant used the tools for their own needs, and this helped me to finetune my approach to AI coaching.

Generative AI is a powerful tool to enhance our human capabilities and I shared with the participants how I believe it can restore our work-life balance and build new career paths.

If you are keen on learning how AI tools can help you save costs, save time, reduce workload, and still elevate the quality of your work, please ping me anytime!

Let me also share Perry’s LinkedIn post where he expanded on what we discussed during the workshop:

Perry Tan: Everyone is future gazing about the impact of GenAI and the future of work – the general consensus is that it will take over tasks and jobs. What’s missing in the conversation is HOW exactly will it happen and the nuances of WHO will be impacted in WHAT way.

In order to understand how GenAI will impact the future of L&D work, we invited GenAI poweruser Ian YH Tan to run a GenAI workshop that is high in practical application, with focus on existing GenAI tools for text content synthesis (ChatGPT), graphics generation (Bing Image Creator, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney) and video generation. The workshop featured a healthy dose of hands-on and demonstrations, which brings to life the maturity (and immaturity) of various GenAI tools.

Through this, we developed practical appreciation of the power and limitations of GenAI.

Takeaways include:

– While the impact of GenAI will be immense, it is worth diving deep into details to really understand if the often bandied doom-and-gloom scenarios hold any water. Will it simply take over tasks and destroy jobs or can it be leveraged a tool for us to work better and faster, and exponentially value add to the work we do?

– L&D professionals, in particular those involved in content creation and instructional design, need to incorporate GenAI tools in their work for better quality and efficiency.

– When one uses GenAI to generate content, one should be cognizant that the human is the active agent who defines the INTENT and DESIGN of the content, and not mindlessly allow AI to determine what one needs. The mindset of the user determines who is the driver.

– The human brain is still very much required for content synthesis because AI is incapable of understanding CONTEXT and NUANCE. The L&D professional remains firmly in the driver’s seat, with GenAI as the assistant (I won’t even call it a co-pilot). This will probably be the state of affairs for the next 5 years.

We learned much and went home with even more to ponder!

Shout-out to Khoon Huat Sim for helping to put this workshop together.

PS: This post is NOT generated by GenAI 😆