Baidu Image Search (isn’t great yet)

Baidu Image Search now has Generative AI editing tools.

I was searching for taiji images when the tools popped up and egged me to try them out. You can:

– erase parts of the image
– sharpen the image
– replace parts of the image by writing a prompt
– rework the image
– generate similar images
– remove watermarks

Of all the tools, I found only the erase function to be useful. The other tools produce low quality images that remind me of the early Gen AI images from two years back. The AI-generated humans often look weird or even horrific.

Anyway, I just wanted to sharpen this pixelated image of taiji movements. While the human figures do look sharper, the text gets garbled.

With all things in tech, I’m sure the tools will improve over time and that we will also see similar features in Google Image Search.