Be mindful about your AI images

The careless use of AI-generated images will damage your personal brand.

It’s fun to generate and use AI-generated images for your FB post, but you should trash images with obvious errors and malformities.

For example, I’m seeing more AI-generated images on FB and LinkedIn that contain misspelled or garbled words. In this visual I generated with ChatGPT Plus, this Chinese word looks pretty but there’s no such word in the language.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great that we can now generate AI images for free. But these AI imaging engines are not perfect and will make mistakes. If you get something weird or wrong, iterate again until you get a better image.

Like words, your choice of images will affect how people perceive you. In this new age where we will use visuals more than ever to communicate, being mindful of image quality will be a critical trait to have.

Bottomline: Just because the image was easily generated doesn’t mean it’s worth using.