ChatGPT 4o is here

ChatGPT 4o (“omni”) has just been released for free use and I took it for a quick spin. 

1. “Generate different icons of a bald man with glasses” – Not bad! 

2. “Analyze this research paper on AI in education by Ethan Mollick” – Very fast analysis and succinct summary. 

3. “Analyze my LinkedIn posts content for 2024 and tell me what are my character flaws.”. Here’s part of ChatGPT 4o’s response: 

Identifying character flaws based on writing style and content can be nuanced, as writing doesn’t always fully reveal an individual’s character. However, certain tendencies in your writing might hint at areas for personal growth. Here are some potential character flaws inferred from your writing:


Your emphasis on clarity, precision, and practical advice suggests a strong desire for perfection. While this ensures high-quality content, it might indicate a tendency toward perfectionism. This could potentially lead to stress or dissatisfaction when things don’t meet your high standards.


While you address controversial topics, you often strive for balance and avoid deeply engaging with opposing viewpoints. This could suggest a reluctance to fully embrace controversy or confront conflict head-on. Engaging more deeply with controversial perspectives might enhance your discussions and show a willingness to tackle difficult issues directly.


Your consistently positive and encouraging tone is a strength, but it might also indicate an overemphasis on positivity, potentially avoiding the discussion of more negative or challenging aspects of topics. This could lead to an incomplete picture of the issues you discuss.


Your extensive involvement in various activities and continuous learning suggests a high level of ambition and dedication. While admirable, this could also indicate a risk of burnout if not balanced with adequate rest and self-care.


In aiming to make complex topics accessible, there’s a risk of over-generalizing or simplifying issues. This could potentially lead to missing out on important nuances or complexities in your discussions.

Thanks for the advice, ChatGPT! I agree with your assessment and quite a few traits are deliberate as I don’t want to get in trouble on social media. 

What do you think? Have you tried ChatGPT 4o yet? I think it’s amazing that a GPT 4-level LLM is now available to everyone without a subscription!!