Communicating Christ

What is the best way to communicate the Christian faith?

Today is Easter Sunday, when believers remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified on the cross. I recently came across this ad for the Episcopal Ad Project and it got me thinking about how Christians should share our faith in today’s noisy world.

Where did this ad come from?

According to the Episcopal Church website: “This ministry was started at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Minneapolis, in 1978. The Rev. Dr. George Harvey Martin, the rector, asked for help from advertising professionals to write ads which would invite people into the Episcopal Church. Martin asked for help from Tom McElligott, Jr., the son of an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Minnesota. McElligott agreed to participate. In 1978 six ads were created using line drawings and simple headlines.”

“One of the most familiar ads presented a picture of Christ with the words, ‘He died to take away your sins, not your mind.’ In 1991 the name for the ministry was changed to The Church Ad Project. The Ad Project has created more than 90 black and white ads. Many of the ads have been turned into posters, which have been used in hundreds of churches and conference centers. The Church Ad Project is an independent, interdenominational ministry.”

The copywriting is great and I’m sure you will recall this ad for the rest of the day. However, the LinkedIn algorithm will limit the number of people who see this post. Ads are always limited by their distribution platform. Not everyone will go to a church or church conference. Moreover, I’ve never seen this series of posters in my life!

To get to my point, every believer needs to communicate our faith in our daily lives, through the words we say, the actions we take, and the relationships that we build. It’s hard, because we are human and fallible, but how else will people come to see Jesus Christ if we don’t behave the way he teaches us to?

To my fellow believers, don’t shy from sharing The Good Word when people are willing to listen, and explain what it actually means (that Jesus came to earth to die for our sins so that man may have eternal life). Don’t fall in love with money and the material things, because it will actually be obvious in everything you do.

We communicate our beliefs through our lives, not just our words. God bless everyone!

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