Dwarkesh Patel’s podcast

Fellow comms professionals often ask me worriedly about the impact of Gen AI, saying, “What is going to happen to writers when AI can do their job in a few seconds?”

I will respond, “The true value of writers and communicators has never really been about merely churning out words. It’s lies in the deep thinking, the skillful interviewing, the bringing together of different ideas, and the intense desire to bring the message to the audience.”

And so, I present to you this young podcaster who is making waves by excelling in these very aspects.

Excerpt from “The future belongs to those who prepare like Dwarkesh Patel”.

In a world with over 5 million podcasts, Dwarkesh Patel stands out as an unexpected trailblazer. At just 23 years old, he has caught the attention of influential figures such as Jeff Bezos, Noah Smith, Nat Friedman, and Tyler Cowen, who have all praised his interviews — the latter describing Patel as “highly rated but still underrated!” Through his podcast, he has created a platform that draws in some of the most influential minds of our time, from tech moguls to AI pioneers.

But of all the noteworthy parts of Patel’s journey to acclaim, one thing stands out among the rest: just how deeply Patel will go on any given topic.

“If I do an AI interview where I’m interviewing Demis [Hassabis], CEO of DeepMind, I’ll probably have read most of DeepMind’s papers from the last couple of years. I’ve literally talked to a dozen AI researchers in preparation for that interview — just weeks and weeks of teaching myself about [everything].”

Patel will even try to implement exercises or simulations from the academic papers themselves, sharing how he “implemented a transformer before interviewing Ilya.”

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