Gen AI workshop at Juying Secondary School

The Mission: TEACH 55 secondary TEACHERS how to use Generative AI in TEACHING.

Mission Outcome: Wow, this must have been the noisiest bunch of students ever! And it was fantastic.

Yesterday, I conducted my largest ever Gen AI workshop at Juying Secondary School. This was also the first time I represented NTU’s Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU) as a trainer.

As an NTU lecturer, I know first-hand the challenges and concerns Singapore teachers have about Gen AI. So, after we did hands-on exercises to understand the inner workings of ChatGPT, I jumped straight into addressing their major concerns, such as:

– How can we ensure students are learning and thinking critically, instead of relying too heavily on Gen AI?

– How should we respond when students turn in perfectly written assignments?

– How can we use Gen AI to become better teachers?

We typed many prompts into ChatGPT to explore how we can approach teaching school subjects in new, engaging ways.

I also shared how I design university lessons and assignments that simultaneously embrace and limit the use of Gen AI to ensure deep learning is achieved.

We watched the latest mind-blowing videos from OpenAI’s Sora, but we learnt how much human skill and wisdom is needed to wield Gen AI creatively.

It was a great session and thank you to Malcolm Seah and Rachel Ma for making it happen!

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