Generative Workshop For Creatives In Vietnam

What if an artist could become a copywriter? What if a copywriter could become an artist? 

I shared this “impossible idea” with the talented creatives from OnPoint last week. OnPoint is the leading e-commerce enabler in Vietnam, helping many brands build their e-commerce presence. I was invited by Dennis Lien to share how Generative AI can enhance and accelerate the team’s end-to-end process – from the client brief > ideation > creative output. 

During our session, we used ChatGPT 4o to digest clients’ content, build creative concepts, and write differentiated ad copy. Then, we used Adobe Creative Suite’s powerful Generative AI tools to create striking visuals with the right prompts and reference images. 

(Side note for the creatives out there: Adobe’s Gen AI tools are now crazy powerful and have surpassed niche apps like Stable Diffusion. The only obstacle is the subscription cost of Adobe CC).

We also discussed how to use audio and video Gen AI tools like ElevenLabs, Play HT, HeyGen, and the upcoming Sora and Veo apps. 

Throughout our session, I showed them how we can use Gen AI to deepen our existing skills and start building new ones. 

For example, half the text in my slides were translated into Vietnamese using ChatGPT and I joked with the class, “Please tell me if you see any weird translations!” Thankfully, ChatGPT did its job well and I wasn’t laughed out of the room.

A big thanks to Dennis and Dickson Loo for making this session possible!