Marketing my Masterclasses

WARNING: Blatant marketing spiel ahead, please skip if you’re allergic. But I know you’ll read it anyway, because the rest of your news feed is so dull. 

I conduct two types of Generative AI Masterclasses for The Straits Times in Singapore. 

The Generative AI Masterclass:

This is designed for the general public. We ran our first session in Feb (sold out), and the next one will be on 8th May (also sold out!). Our third session will be on 1st Aug and you can sign up for it now. In this course, I introduce the class to the inner workings of Gen AI and we go through different hands-on exercises to show how it can be applied to improve our daily work and personal lives. The Feb class was really interesting as the participants came from such diverse backgrounds and jobs, and many shared how they intend to use Gen AI for their own needs.

The Generative AI Masterclass For Teenagers:

Designed for students aged 13-16, my goal is to help them become a new type of AI-powered learner who will leap ahead of their classmates. (Don’t you love how I instigate friendly competition?). I’m also looking forward to seeing what new and amazing things the students will generate in this workshop. The workshop is a one-time session on 19th June and it has limited seats. So parents of teenagers, if you want to get your kids out of your hair for a day and have them learn something really useful, you know what to do.

The Straits Times Generative AI Masterclass : 

The Straits Times Gen AI Masterclass FOR TEENAGERS: