Media Articles

Commentary: We simply cannot leave our kids to their own devices (8 Jul 2024, CNA)

Commentary: As retrenchments rise in Singapore, only the paranoid will survive (22 Feb 2024, CNA)

Commentary: ‘We’ll get back to you next year.’ If retrenchments are bad, year-end layoffs are the worst (27 Dec 2023, CNA)

How to overcome disruptions and excel in your career (17 Dec 2023, The Straits Times. It’s paywalled, sorry!)

Commentary: Hit by recent tech outages? Here’s why you should always have a Plan B (25 Oct 2023, CNA)

I jogged 15km a week, so why did I keep getting fatter? (21 Oct 2023, Channelnewsasia)

The unexpected power of the pineapple in Singapore’s Presidential Election (5 Sep 2023, Channelnewsasia)

How to be better understood at work and sell your ideas to bosses successfully (5 Jun 2023, TODAY Online)

I landed 3 jobs through LinkedIn — here’s how young professionals can learn to use it better (3 May 2023, TODAY Online)

Rethinking salaries — when is it too much or too little? (20 Mar 2023, TODAY Online)

Media Interviews

Daily Cuts – #TalkBack: Could a fear of making phone calls hinder one’s in-person communication at the office (1 Jul 2024, Radio interview, CNA938)

Young and Savvy: Counting on good maths to combat ‘girl math’ (14 Apr 2024, The Straits Times)

Heart of the Matter Podcast: Singapore students rank top in math and science, but how useful is this in a changing world? (2 Feb 2024, CNA Podcast)

Singapore students are top in math and science, but how useful is this? | Heart of the Matter (4 Feb 2024, CNA YouTube)

人工智能为职场赋能 受AI支配或你支配AI (27 Nov 2023, Lianhe Zaobao)

Viewpoint: Create a chatbot, no coding required. OpenAI’s new ChatGPT feature is a game changer (Radio Interview, 9 Oct 2023, Money 938

Traditional mail in a digital age (Radio interview, 2 Oct 2023, CNA)

AirAsia moves from iconic red to green for new digital wing. Why? (26 Sep 2023, Marketing Interactive)

Why jumping on the ‘Girl Math’ trend might not be the marketing move for you (22 Sep 2023, Marketing Interactive)

ACS Move – The start of dismantling closed circles? (Podcast, 24 Feb 2023, CNA)

More than just a symbol: Decoding the images for the presidential elections 2023 (29 Aug 2023, Marketing Interactive)

How to score a job through social media (Radio interview, 5 May 2023, CNA)

The future of our education system (Radio interview, 3 Mar 2023, CNA)

Tech Retrenchments – New Opportunities Ahead (26 Feb 2023, Lianhe Zaobao, it’s in Chinese)

The ACS move is a start but more work needed to reduce closed circles (25 Feb 2023, CNA)