My new lighting setup for calls

Four years after the pandemic started, I finally have a proper lighting setup for my online calls. Better late than never!

My setup comprises of two Sirui LED video panel lights perched on Elgato mounts. The LED panels are set at 5000k colour temperature. The webcam is the Elgato Facecam Mk 2 which streams uncompressed 1080p video. I don’t need to use a green screen as the Nvidia Broadcast app uses AI to replace my background with my choice of background visuals.

Why use two lights instead of one? Two lights help to fill in the shadows and provide even lighting. What I really wanted was to use softboxes with very diffused and natural studio lighting but they are too large to place behind my computer monitors. LED panels are the next best thing.

What do you think of my setup?

Original post on LinkedIn.