My tray of eyeglasses

My daughter said, “Why do you have so many eyeglasses lying around the house?”

I replied, “Because I need all of them! Middle age sucks!”

That conversation gave me the idea to buy a tray for my spectacles, which I did. It’s the same type of display tray found in optician shops.

Now, I have my four pairs of eyeglasses lined up like ducks in a row, eagerly waiting to be chosen for their divine duties. They each focus at different distances:  

1) Reading: 30cm from my books and tablets. 

2) Computer: 100cm from my large computer monitors.

3) Progressive: Near to Far, good for driving and ordering food from menus. But uncomfortable for doing any work. 

4) TV: 150cm and beyond. Also good for movies and reading slides.

Why the need for 4 pairs of eyeglasses? 

I have had myopia (shortsightedness) since I was 11, and when I turned 40, presbyopia (longsightedness) arrived. Both conditions make it impossible to have one pair of eyeglasses that allow you to see clearly at all distances. 

As someone who reads and creates a lot, it’s imperative for me to see clearly for the task at hand. When I’m out of the house, I bring all but the TV eyeglasses with me. 

How many pairs of eyeglasses do you have, fellow middle-agers?