Newsletter 07: No drivel for you

I hope your week went well and that you didn’t have to deal with too much nonsense in your life. We can define life in many ways and I just cooked up this saying: “Life is dealing with other people’s nonsense.” True, no?

Anyway, I’m trying a new newsletter format where I just write a maximum of four paragraphs before I share the past week’s posts. I read other LinkedIn newsletters daily, and man, sometimes those authors just keep rambling or throwing too many URLs at you. Where do these people find the time and don’t they have real work to do?

Writing well is a discipline of the highest order, because no reader wakes up thinking, “I’m going to read some boring drivel today.” Every word we write should justify its existence and be worth remembering.

I wanted to write more, and share some earth shattering quotes I heard this week. But I shall stop now and save the words for another day.

I hope you enjoy this series “Be Happy, Be Creative” (aka “A Bunch of Don’ts”):

Don’t Be Weighed Down

Don’t Worry

Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

Don’t Procrastinate

Alfred Hitchock On Happiness and Creativity

And I shared an APAC survey from Amazon Web Services where employers say they are willing to pay up to 54% more salary for people with AI skills. But how many existing employees will this new hire replace?

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

Originally published 23 Mar 2024. Subscribe here.