Newsletter 12: Death to drivel

Dear reader,

I’ve been plugging away at this preamble for six hours but it’s no boast.

I took a break to have a Father’s Day lunch with my family, came back to my computer, looked at the umpteenth revision of this text, and deleted it all. The content was not worth your time, and thus, deserved to die.

Come, just browse my compilation of LinkedIn posts instead.

Was it a waste of six hours? No, because writing is thinking. Although I deleted everything I wrote, the act of thinking hard is still good for my grey matter. I explain more in the first post below on the perennial challenge of writing well.

On Writing

Write with utmost effort, even with AI.

Stephen King says to cut the crap when you write.

Embrace your ego so you can make a difference with your writing.

Sharing “Uninspirational Quotes” from Brian Bilston.

I want to be a fractional writer.

Don’t use these generic LinkedIn hooks, please.

On Generative AI and Tech

Don’t use Gen AI images like an amateur.

ChatGPT is an incredible food menu translator.

Apple Intelligence – my premature thoughts. The stock has since shot up.

Is Gen AI going to kill marketing and creative agencies?

What if a copywriter could become an artist? And vice versa?

Luma text to video AI – I’m not impressed.

Why it’s hard for Microsoft to take down the Macbook.

A poll I did before Microsoft backpedaled on the problematic “Recall” AI feature.

How an old brand like Metallica is staying relevant, thanks to Fortnite.

On Art

I had fun drawing cats with the guidance of Lee Ames.

A master artist who made difficult things seem easy.

What makes a cat look like a cat?

I sketched a ninja cat. Then I asked Adobe to fill in the blanks.

God’s Art, right before our eyes.


My bro Darren Chua, who hacked life to overcome adversity, and met his soulmate Joelle along the way.

My solution to storing my many spectacles.

Improving my VO2 Max, a key indicator on longevity.

The powerful Affinity Suite for creators is now 50% off. No, I earn nothing from this.

I heard LinkedIn likes us to use selfies. So I made a new one.

Phew, that’s quite a lot of posts yah? Until the next newsletter, God bless you and your family.