Returning to the well

This morning, I jogged to MacRitchie Reservoir and completed 6km just in time to catch the sunrise.

MacRitchie is the spiritual home for my health. I first started jogging here in 1989 as my PE teachers made us train for the school’s annual 5km jog. Those trainings were tough, but I deeply appreciate what our teachers did to build my long-term fitness.

This place is also where I spent many hours training in and out of the water with my canoeing team from 1993 to 1994. The friendships with my teammates have lasted over 30 years.

I don’t come here regularly anymore because there’s a lot of uphill jogging and it’s easier to jog on the flat terrain around my house.

But in recent days, I have felt the pull of the reservoir and I answered the call today.

As I ran along the familiar path, I was reminded that this is the well of my youthful energy and it is always good to come back and drink from it.

Thank God for the new day and for giving me the chance to make the most of it.