Should you pay for Gen AI?

I know many people who use Gen AI apps like the free ChatGPT 3.5 regularly but they’ve told me that they have never tried the paid ChatGPT 4.

ChatGPT 4 costs USD $20 a month, which works out to about $27 SGD or $0.90 a day. Coincidentally, Netflix has just hiked its SG pricing to $26 SGD for the premium 4K plan.

One app encourages you to binge on entertainment content, while the other can help you get work done faster. Which would you pay for first?

Of course, not everyone needs ChatGPT 4 as their work may not be suitable for Gen AI enhancement. But I’ve observed that many people don’t know that ChatGPT allows you to design your own chatbots (GPTs), upload PDFs and Excel files, and also generate images.

ChatGPT 4 is not great value for money, though. It has a usage limit (“You’ve hit your message limit. Come back 2 hours later”). The service goes down occasionally due to high traffic. GPTs don’t always work the way you’ve programmed them to. And the images created by DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT 4 are looking really generic now.

Despite its flaws, ChatGPT 4 is still great for the content-heavy work that I do daily. And if you look at my daily cost table below, it’s not that expensive compared to my meals and transport.

I don’t get a cent from OpenAI to encourage people to subscribe to ChatGPT 4, but I believe it’s important for everyone to try out the paid version for just a month to see what it can really do. Then, you can decide if you should continue paying for it.

In this new world, if you don’t try, you won’t know!