Straits Times Generative AI For Teenagers workshop

I learned something fascinating while teaching 35 teenagers about Generative AI yesterday. 

At every Gen AI workshop that I conduct, I usually kick things off by showing the participants two cat images, and asking them to identify which cat is real and which is AI-generated. 

In all the adult classes that I’ve taught so far, most participants get fooled by the AI-generated cat. However, in yesterday’s Straits Times Generative AI for Teenagers workshop, 85% of the teenagers identified the real cat correctly. 

How fascinating! 

Adults often ask me how Gen AI will affect their jobs, but these students – aged 13 to 16 – obviously don’t worry about such things. The students were simply eager to try out as many different AI tools as possible, so we explored ChatGPT (free and paid), Google Gemini, Google NotebookLM, Microsoft Image Creator, Adobe Firefly, Midjourney, Elevenlabs, Suno, Sora, and Luma AI video apps. 

Phew, what a list. The young people were absolute sponges, soaking up as many techniques as I could teach. 

At the end of the class, like a nagging uncle, I reminded them that Gen AI should make us better, not make us lesser. 

Many people will use Gen AI wrongly and become lazier, but we should use Gen AI to help us learn better and faster. 

Onward and forward, young people!