Taking a pigeon’s crap

This morning, I was meditating and praying when a pigeon crapped on my head.

I might have been alive for nearly 50 years, but I can never get over that “splat” sound when it happens.

I dabbed my bald head gingerly with my finger and ew, it was fresh Pigeon Poo Pee.

This happened at my usual resting spot in Bishan Park, at the halfway mark of my regular 6km jog. It is here that I always sit down to admire nature, do the Lord’s Prayer, and converse with God about the things on my mind.

Then, the bird had to defile and wreck my routine.

I ran 1km to the public washroom to wash my head while trying not to feel grossed out. Nevertheless, I was thankful that bird poo crap is easy to wash off from a shiny pate.

I was ready to resume my jog, but oh no, I discovered I didn’t pause my running watch properly. Now my entire run was messed up!

I stopped the workout program on the watch, and initiated a new one. There was exactly 2.4km more to go, so I decided to run fast instead of jog slowly, as if this was the standard SG physical fitness test.

As I ran hard in the humid heat, the extra effort needed made my heart pump faster and my mind think more loudly. I was actually listening to a podcast, but my thinking drowned out the podcast audio.

I reflected that the pigeon had done a remarkable thing for me.

It forced me to break out of my routine and do something different today (ie. run faster).

It also motivated me to stop procrastinating on overdue personal projects and get started today:

– Put all my important writings on my ThinkTan website
– Begin scripting my Udemy course for AI-powered Communications

It is sometimes said that when a bird craps on your head, it is your lucky day and you should go buy a lottery ticket.

As a Christian, I don’t believe in luck or gambling but in God’s will and providence, and that we should give thanks in all circumstances.

Well, thank you, Mr Pigeon, but please take your s*** somewhere else.

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