The First AI Workshop

I held my first AI workshop for a company last week and it was a blast!

The eight participants from the creative agency LiquidLab Communications (LLAB) have already integrated ChatGPT into their workflow. The designers among them have also been trying out Midjourney for visual design. So, I skipped the basics and jumped into the advanced stuff of AI.

I shared with them how I used ChatGPT for different parts of my creative workflow like proofreading, bridging content and adapting for different media platforms. I also shared with them many prompt engineering shortcuts to increase their productivity.

For visuals, I showed them how I overcome Midjourney’s limitations with multiple approaches. I spent a good amount of time introducing them to Stable Diffusion and how they could create fast visual mockups using simple sketches.

The questions came hard and fast, and we explored how to use AI to address some perennial challenges that agencies face.

Throughout the workshop, my key message was that we humans have to take charge of the AI tools. The beginning and the end of the creative process must be rooted in our own intent and our goals. Once we know how to work with AI properly, AI helps us to realize our intent and achieve our goals at high speed. If we surrender our thinking to AI, then we will only end up with generic output, and become uncompetitive in our industry.

A big thanks to Alan BokFiffy Chia and the LLAB team for giving me this opportunity to share my AI knowledge and skills!

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