Why have a Gen AI class for teenagers?

Why am I conducting “The Straits Times Masterclass: Generative AI for Teenagers” on 19th June?

Firstly, it’s obvious by now that everyone will need to wield Gen AI to remain relevant in coming years. I see so many courses being organised for adults but not for students. How can?

Secondly, there is much debate and anxiety about the use of Gen AI in schools. I was at The Singapore School of The Arts a few weeks ago to help train 40 teachers on Gen AI. The questions I received from the teachers made me ponder how we educators can coach students to use Gen AI responsibly and direct self-learning in new ways.

So, the Straits Times team and I made it happen!

Students aged 13-16 will learn in our Masterclass:

– How Gen AI works and how it is changing the world
– How to use Gen AI to accelerate learning in a school subject
– The best prompting methods to solve difficult problems
– How to pick up new subjects and skills rapidly using Gen AI

For more details, please visit ST Skills.

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