You actually speak Shakespeare

Today, 23rd April, is the death anniversary of William Shakespeare, the man who either made you fall in love with or despise English literature.

No matter how you feel about his works, did you know he popularised the following English phrases?

A dish fit for the Gods
A tower of strength
All that glitters isn’t gold
Brave new world
Break the ice
Cruel to be kind
Foregone conclusion
He hath eaten me out of house and home
I have not slept one wink
In my heart of hearts
It’s Greek to me
Jealousy is the green-eyed monster
Melted into thin air
Neither rhyme nor reason
Own flesh and blood
Short shrift
Something wicked this way comes
Star-crossed lovers
Sterner stuff
The be-all and the end-all
The clothes make the man
The world is my oyster
We have seen better days
Wear my heart upon my sleeve
What’s done is done
Wild-goose chase
AND LASTLY… too much of a good thing!

Happy birthday, Bill!

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